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How to use your MagSafe Battery Pack

How to use your MagSafe Battery Pack

Your MagSafe Battery Pack is designed to quickly and safely wirelessly charge iPhone models with MagSafe, giving you more time to use your device.

Charge your MagSafe Battery Pack

Before you use your MagSafe Battery Pack for the first time, fully charge it using a Lightning to USB cable with a 20W or higher power adapter. 

  1. Plug one end of a Lightning to USB cable into the Lightning connector on your MagSafe Battery Pack.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into a 20W or higher USB power adapter, then plug the adapter into a power outlet. The status light on your MagSafe Battery Pack will stay lit for about 8 seconds. 

While your MagSafe Battery Pack is charging, the status light might flash. If it flashes green, your battery pack is fully charged. If it flashes amber, your battery pack might need more time to charge. 

Using an adapter that isn’t 20W or higher will result in a slower charge.


Attach and remove your MagSafe Battery Pack

Your MagSafe Battery Pack will magnetically attach to the back of your iPhone. To remove the MagSafe Battery Pack, gently pull it off the back of your device. 

When charging on the go, your MagSafe Battery Pack can charge your iPhone with up to 5W of power. If connected to a 20W or higher power source, it can charge with up to 15W of power. 

Check the charge

Make sure that your MagSafe-compatible iPhone is running iOS 14.7 or later. When you attach your MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPhone, it will automatically begin to charge your iPhone and a charging status will appear on the Lock screen.

To see your charging status in Today View or on the Home Screen, add the Batteries widget: 

  1. Go to Today View or the Home Screen page where you want to add the widget, then touch and hold the background until the apps begin to jiggle.
  2. Tap the Add Widget button at the top of the screen to open the widget gallery.
  3. Scroll or search to find Batteries, tap it, then swipe left through the size options. The different sizes display different information.
  4. When you see the size you want, tap Add Widget, then tap Done.

Today View

Home Screen

When you’re using your MagSafe Battery Pack to charge your iPhone, you might get a notification that says your iPhone will charge only up to 90%. To charge past 90%, open Control Center, press and hold the Low Power Mode icon*, then tap Continue.