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Here’s everything Apple just announced at the WWDC 2022 keynote

It’s WWDC keynote time! Each year Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference with a few hours of back-to-back-to-back announcements, generally covering things from iOS to watchOS to — sometimes! — new hardware.

Didn’t have time to tune in? We get it! We’ve wrapped up all of the biggest news in an easy-to-skim digest.

iOS 16

  • The lock screen is getting an overhaul. It’ll allow for more customization, plus support for widgets — including widgets for third-party apps. Notifications will now “roll in” from the bottom of the screen, while a “Live Activities” API will let developers update notifications in real time (think sports score tracking.) 
  • You’ll be able to edit or “unsend” recent messages in iMessage — or mark a thread as unread.
  • SharePlay (which lets you, for example, watch a streamed movie in sync with a friend) will now work in iMessage, not just over FaceTime.
  • Live Text will be able to translate and replace text it detects in a photo, allowing you to more easily read through something like a menu in a language you don’t know.
  • Apple is getting into buy now, pay later; Apple Pay Later will let you split an Apple Pay purchase over four payments with zero interest; Apple says it’ll work anywhere Apple Pay works.
  • Apple’s big Maps overhaul is coming to a bunch of new places this year, including “France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Belgium, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.” It’s also getting improved multistop route support.
  • Apple News will now let you follow news specifically focused on your favorite sports/teams.
  • If you use Family Sharing to limit your kids’ iPad screen time, said kids will now be able to request more time via iMessage.

You can now have a shared library with your family; when taking a photo, you can toggle whether a photo goes into the shared library or just your personal library.

  • Apple says it has reimagined the Home app “from the ground up.” All of your various devices in different rooms are brought into one screen, including a side-scrolling view of all of your HomeKit-enabled cameras.
  • CarPlay is also getting a massive overhaul — Apple is basically looking to take over your car’s entire instrument cluster. It’ll support things like speed readouts, fuel gauges, AC control, etc; what works where, of course, will depend on what the car maker allows. Apple says to expect more news here “late next year.”
  • Shareplay will now have deeper support for games, allowing you to more easily start matches/battles directly with friends.
  • iPadOS will get a new desktop-style window management feature called “Stage Manager” that lets you run multiple windowed/overlapping apps on screen simultaneously.